Habemus Papum Franciscum – We have Pope Francis!

We have Pope Francis!

We have Pope Francis!

We were all so excited when the white smoke came out of the chimney! We waited as the crowd cheered and the bells rang. The Swiss Guard prepared and soon we saw movement of the curtains in the Papal Apartment.

The next thing we knew people were exclaiming with excitement, Habemus Papum! Habemus Papum! Have you ever wondered exactly what Habemus Papum means? Habemus Papum Franciscum means: We have Pope Francis!

If you are like me you very much admired Pope John Paul II. Our 7th child was born on Divine Mercy Sunday, so we named him John Paul (of course)! He is very proud that he is named after a Saint (soon to be) and frequently tells people. We have lots of cute stories about John Paul. One in particular that I like to tell about took place when we were at Mass and John Paul decided to be a little ornery. He started to take some of his clothes off and run towards the alter. Just as I grabbed him and pulled him back, a lady that I know said, “Good thing he’s named after a Saint”! I laughed, thinking to myself yes it is… in more ways than one.

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