Top Gifts for a Goddaughter

Whether you are looking for a First Communion Gift, Confirmation Gift, or Baptism Gift, our Catholic Shop has a great selection of Goddaughter gifts.
Here are some of our favorites:

Patron Saint Medals make great Goddaughter Gifts!

Patron Saint Medals Make Great Goddaughter Gifts!

1. Patron Saint Pendants: There are many choices of Saints. You can pick a favorite saint or the child’s name saint. If you are celebrating Confirmation, it is tradition that a child picks a Saint for a Confirmation name. Otherwise, it is always nice to get your Goddaughter a Saint Necklace with Our Lady or Saint Therese (the little flower) on the front. The Saints Market has over 7,000 medals and many of them can be engraved with your personal message.

2. Personalized Music Box: A music boxes that say Goddaughter on the front make great Goddaughter gifts! We also carry music boxes for First Communion, Confirmation, and other events that can be personalized with the child’s name and other information. Later, the personalized information can be replaced with a photo from a special event. You godchild will love to play with her music box and listen to the music at bedtime. It will always remind her of you!

3. Rosary: It is nice to give a small child a wooden rosary so that she can become accustomed to this beautiful devotion. Young girls enjoy getting a rose scented St Therese Rosary. As your Goddaughter gets older, you can get her a nicer rosary such as a sterling patron saint rosary. Rosaries make great gifts for a godchild!

Stories of the Saints Books make great Goddaughter gifts!

Stories of the Saints Books and other Catholic Books Make Great Goddaughter Gifts!

4. Stories of the Saints Book: Catholic books are always good Goddaughter gift ideas! A Catholic Bible or Stories of the Saints is a must. Help your Godchild to learn the faith with books about Catholic Saints, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus. Coloring books about Lent, the Rosary, and Mary are also available at the Saints Market Catholic Store.

These are just a few ideas for you to think about. Whatever you decide, it is a great idea to pray for your Goddaughter, attend Mass for her and with her if possible, send her cards and notes, and attend her special events whether they are church related or not. You are blessed to be asked to be a Godparent! Make sure that you take your job seriously.

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