Crusader Scapulars – Athlete’s Brown Scapular: What Are They?

The Crusader Scapular is also referred to as the Athlete’s Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Capture 300x284 Crusader Scapulars   Athletes Brown Scapular: What Are They?

The Crusader Scapular is slightly smaller in size than the regular traditional brown scapular. The cross is pictured on both ends whereas other brown scapulars usually have a picture of the Blessed Mother, Jesus, or a Saint. The length of this scapular can vary from short cord to long cord. The Crusader Scapular is a legitimate accepted form of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Brown Scapular. It is made of 100% wool and is worn around the neck. A crucifix and a Saint Benedict medal are sometimes attached, but it is not a requirement. Just like any other brown scapular, you should be enrolled by a Priest to receive the spiritual benefits of this scapular. Enrollment instructions are usually included when you purchase a scapular.

melGibson1 300x209 Crusader Scapulars   Athletes Brown Scapular: What Are They?

This type of brown scapular is very popular with teens, young people and athletes because of the simple design and smaller size. Mel Gibson was pictured on the set of the Passion of the Christ wearing one. Crusader Scapulars also work very well as a children’s scapulars.

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